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In 2012 you can order John McCulloch spirits online Call toll free:(866)782-4427 https://www.thepartysource.com/express/item.php?id=32688

Green River Whiskey distilled the old fashion way since 1885. Enjoy John's original recipe and discover why it has won so many Gold Medals and was used by the Marine Hospital for the "unique Qualities" only John's Spirits can offer
Mountain Dew John distilled his Green River to a high purity and sold the "Liquid Sunshine” as Mountain Dew. You can still enjoy this favorite pre-prohibition spirit distilled the old fashion way since 1885.
Kentucky Moonshine The McCulloch family was hesitant about offering Kentucky Moonshine after Prohibition.because of the large amount of inferior Spirits Bootleggers called Moonshine . This Top Shelf Spirit Distilled the same way since 1890 is the Great Grandfather of today's American Vodka. 110 Proof

John McCulloch American Vodka " Silver Medal winner 2010 World Spirits Competition" John Perfected this Spirit in the 1800's and is the first spirit distilled and bottled at the new Distillery.
John McCulloch American Recipe 1776 Rum. John McCulloch grew up in a patriotic family so learned to appreciate the fact George Washington distilled Rum. He perfected George's recipe with American Recipe 1776 Rum
Black Silk Vodka. “Smooth for the Ladies” For over 125 years John has went out of his way to be sure the ladies were taken care of.
Sugar Daddys Vodka.—- America’s Premium Vodka

John McCulloch pre prohibition spirits brands are available worldwide. To enjoy John McCulloch Spirits ask your favorite Liquor Dealer Spirits@GreenRiverWhiskey.com