2010 John McCulloch American Vodka wins a Silver Metal World Spirits Compitition in San Francisco

1893 - Green River wins a Medal for Excellence at the Worlds Fair (U D Archives, Uncataloged Document).

"Gold Medal Won By J.W.McCulloch's Green River Whisky in Paris: Owensboro Messenger, Aug. 29, 1900, p. 5.
Green River advertisement on Page 19 of the Jan.1, 1900 issue of the Wine and Spirit Bulletin.

 Green River wins 1st prize and the gold medal at the Paris Exposition (Wine and Spirit Bulletin, Aug.1, 1900, page 12).

Wine and Spirits Bulletin states that the gold medal won buy Green River at the Paris Exposition was for high quality (Nov.1, 1900, p.16).

1905 - Green River whiskey wins the Grand Prize at the Exposition Universelle de Liege. (UD Archives, 991.).

"Medal Received From the Paris Exposition," Owensboro Daily Messenger, May 25, 1901, p. 1.

"Green River Won the Grand Prize Over All Competitors at the World's Fair," Owensboro Daily Messenger, Nov.
 20, 1904.

Green River whiskey wins the Grand Prize at the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition at Portland, Oregan.
(UD Archives, 991.)

"Another Prize is Won By the Famous Green River Whisky," Owensboro Messenger, Sept. 9, 1905

 Article on the Green River display at Louisiana Purchase Exposition, in St. Louis. Display was simply a plain glass case with hundreds of bottles in it, left unattended. Green River won a Grand Prize (Wine and Spirit Bulletin, Jan 12, 1905, page 35).(Copy of the award on page 99).

1907 - Green River whiskey wins the Grand Prize at the Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition. (UD Archives, 991.)

1906 - Green River whiskey wins the Grand Prize at the Esposizione Internatioale at Milan. (UD Archives, 991.)
 Green River advertisement on page 72 and an article about J W McCulloch's Green River Distillery's 25th aniversary on page 47. McCulloch started off as an agent for the Internal Revenue Department (Wine and Spirit Bulletin, Nov.1, 1912).

"Best Whisky in the World is Manufactured in Owensboro," Owensboro Daily Messenger, May 22, 191 0, Special "Boosters' Edition" sec. 3, p. 3.

Ernest Hemingway in his short story The Last Good Country highlights Green River Whiskey

 "Green River Distilling Co. Gets Contract: to Furnish United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service with Whisky," Owensboro Messenger, Aug. 11, 1906, p. ?.

"In Three Hours Time Every Building of Big Concern is Reduced to Piles of Ashes," Owensboro Daily Messenger, Aug. 25, 1918, sec. 1, p. 1. (Green River Distillery Fire).

"Plant of Green River Distillery Wiped Out; $3,000,000 Loss Greatest Fire in City's History," Owensboro Daily Messenger, Aug., 25, 1918, p. 1.

"Col. McCulloch Returns to Find Green River Gone," Owensboro Daily Messenger, Aug. 27, 1918, p. 1.

"Some Differences of Opinion on the Origin of the Fire," Owensboro Daily Messenger, Aug., 28, 1918, p. 2.

"Wrecking Crews Work on Small Distillery Plants," Owensboro Messenger, Oct. 20, 1913, sec. 2, p. 1. (Dismantling of small Owensboro plants).

"No Adjustment Yet Been Made on Green River Fire," Owensboro Daily Messenger, Dec. 22, 1918, p. IS.

"(Green] River Had 18,000 Barrels of Whisky Burned, Owensboro Daily Messenger, Dec. 28, 1918.

"Officers Elected; Green River Distilling Company in Full Blast," Owensboro Daily Messenger, July 4, 1903, p. ?

"McCulloch Plays His Part," Owensboro Messenger, May 16, 1919, p. 4. (Editorial about Resolutions Committee of Republican Convention at Lexington which declared for state and national prohibition).

"Green River Distillery All Whisky Shipped," Owensboro Messenger, Oct. 2, 1919, p. 1.

"Col. J.W. McCulloch to Return to Old Home Town at Early Date," Owensboro Inquirer, Dec. 7, 1922.

"Two Distilleries are Being Built Near Owensboro: McCulloch's Green River Whiskeys Being Promoted J.W. McCulloch," Owensboro Messenger, Dec. 5, 1933, p. 1. (J.W. McCulloch, Jr. incorporates).

"Henry Berry Recalls Early History of Making of Sour Mash Whisky in Daviess County," by Mrs. J.E. Cockriel, Owensboro Messenger, Feb. 26, 1939, sec.2, p. 3.

"Advertisements Considered Classics; Green River Whiskey Most Famous," Bicentennial Section, Part 1. Messenger Inquirer, May 2, 1976, p. I 1.

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